Activities & Activity Ideas in Parramatta

Exploring Parramatta

The city of Parramatta features a complex combination of a diversified population and a strong sense of culture. Its sophisticated parks make a great location of fun-filled family activities, or just for taking a stroll. Parramatta is also home to many significant historical sites, including several marvels of Victorian architecture. You are bound to find extraordinary cuisines from all around the world, entertainment, and be immersed into the volume of its art scene.

Getting to Parramatta

The Parramatta city, being strategically located at the heart of Suburbia Sydney, is conveniently serviced by several modes of public transportation including both buses and trains. Taxis and ferries are also capable of taking you there quickly. Shuttle buses run 6 days a week,


Parramatta incorporates its history into the likes of its modern structures, catering to visitors of any kind of nature. The shopping complexes that it features cannot make for a more comfortable environment for people to spend their money. Not forgetting the opposite spectrum, Parramatta pays great respect to the arts and has several locations that are strongly dedicated to fulfilling any sort of cravings for culture. One example, is the Riverside Theatres, which hosts regular entertaining performances.

If you're looking to indulge yourself in a more natural setting, the Lake Parramatta Reserve offers you 60 hectares of greenland, and is situated just two kilometers away from Parramatta's business district. It's a common spot among locals for picnicking, barbeques, and any kind of relaxation. It even has a few playgrounds for the children to entertain themselves.

After Dark

Despite its seemingly boring stature at first glance, Parramatta doesn't forget the young at heart. Once the sun sets, the bottles come out and the music gets loud. The city has different variations of places for alcohol consumption, whether or not you want to go crazy or have a chill night out at the bar, there's definitely a place for you. One of these examples is the Heritage Bar, which is an attractive area for office workers to unwind, making it one of the favourite hangout spots for the business fellows.

But if you'd rather spend your Friday night on the dance floor, Collector Hotel is the place just for you. On top of its loud music and thumping beats, you can also dine there with your friends and proceed to let loose after a couple of drinks. This makes it the perfect, one-stop solution for a great night out.

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