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Adelaide Activities and Things To Do

Adelaide is the fifth largest city in Australia, and is considered to be one of the most fun. If you have a little time to spend out here, then Adelaide is a definite must visit.

Adelaide has a fantastic history, and was named after Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV of England. It was founded in 1836 and was actually intended to be the capital of a British province. Designed by Colonel William Light, Adelaide is full of wide open spaces and broad boulevards. There are parks all around the city, making the city a wonderfully green place to be, even though it is absolutely huge. The city of Adelaide was based on religious freedom and civil liberties, which is why many people still call it 'City of Churches'.

Getting to Adelaide

Adelaide is on the south coast of Australia, and benefits from having two commercial airports, Adelaide and Parafield. These airports are only 7km from the city centre, which makes it ridiculously simple to get to city when you have touched down. If you're driving in from another Australian town or city, then you're in luck: four freeways intersect in Adelaide, making it simple to get here, however don’t underestimate the distance.

What's on and where to go

There are some times of year when you absolutely have to be in Adelaide. One of these is during the Fringe Festival, which is held every year for twenty four days and twenty four nights over February and March. This festival has been happening since the 1960s. It is summer at this time, and thousands of people rock up for cabaret, circus acts, film, theatre, and even puppetry. There is quite literally something for everyone during this amazing festival, and it is well worth timing your visit to Adelaide to coincide with at least some of the Fringe Festival.

However, if you are looking for something a little more...European, then there are two great festivals for you. Glendi is the Greek festival that happens over Greece's Independence Day, and is an entire weekend in March dedicated to celebrating all things Greek. The Schutzenfest is something that German immigrants in days gone past brought with them when they moved to Adelaide, and is basically a shooting competition! Not for the faint hearted, unfortunately, but we're sure they'll be plenty of German beer and food to tuck into!


As you might expect, sport is huge here in Adelaide, just as it is in all parts of Australia. There are a number of teams that you could go and support, including the Adelaide Rams (American football), and Adelaide Lightning, the women's basketball team.

If you want a dose of culture, then head to the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide. Officially called the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, you can while away the day quite easily by getting transfixed by the huge variety and beauty of the plants and flowers that they have growing there.

Adelaide is also known for its abundance of wineries especially located around Claire Valley and McLaren Vale. Vine tours are in hot demand and you are set for a beautiful day out not just sipping gorgeous wines but also stunning nature.

However, if you're looking for something a little more relaxed, then head to the beach. Or rather, beaches. You are never more than half an hour from the beach in Adelaide, and that means that you have absolutely no excuse but to soak up the sun and enjoy yourself. There are tonnes of exciting water sports that you can get involved with, but remember: winter here in Australia is around about from June to September, so if you turn up during those months, it will be a lot colder, and you will have a lot less fun in the water.

After dark - Adelaide nightlife

One of the greatest things about Adelaide is that there is a huge richness in the population, and that means that there is a huge myriad of restaurants all around the city, offering cuisine from almost every single culture that you can think of. Why go anywhere else when you can have them all here? Our three personal favourites – almost there are still so many more for us to discover – are: the Ginza Japanese Restaurant, which has the most divine sushi that you have ever tasted; Stamps Restaurant (named after the Post Office) which has won awards almost every years since it was opened; and lastly Pinocchio Ristorante, which claims to be the best Italian restaurant the furthest from Italy!

There is a huge student population within the city of Adelaide, and that always guarantees a good night life. If you are thinking on heading out after a long day, then why not try Red Square Bar and Lounge? It is known as 'Reds' to the locals, if you need to ask for directions, and can be found smack right in the middle of the city of Adelaide. Another firm favourite is the Fumo Blue Cocktail Lounge. Don't be confused by the strange name: 'Fumo' refers to the fact that it is also a cigar lounge, where you can try out some of the biggest cigars that you have ever seen.

Adelaide is a beautiful city that simply has so much to offer its visitors. It has been a tourist must see for so many years, it is almost impossible to imagine coming to Australia without visiting! So whether you decide to take it easy and lounge on the beaches, visit the many art galleries and museums, go wild with extreme sports, or try all of them together, you should never be bored in Adelaide, one of the most southern cities in Australia.

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