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Why Newcastle Is A Great Bucks Party Location

Man, Newcastle really is one of the coolest cities not just in New South Wales, but the whole of Australia. It is a city that is cool, hip and just freaking awesome in every single way. A Newcastle bucks weekend is going to amazing as you have some really cool stuff to get up to during the day and then a pretty wild, nightlife as well!

How To Get To Newcastle

You blokes should have a very easy time getting to Newcastle as really there are only two major roads into the city so you would have to be a pretty damn bad driver to get lost on your way here! Of course there are plenty of coaches that drive into here if no one wants to drive and of course there is always the option to fly into Newcastle as well. Great location for any groups coming from Sydney or surrounding cities and locations.

The Best Newcastle Bucks Day Ideas

Make sure your bucks day is amazing with these fantastic, Newcastle bucks day ideas!

Fishing Trip

Wake up early in the morning and have a fun few hours fishing! You will get to go to the bluest and just most amazing waters where you will try your hand to catch some impressive fish. One thing that makes this an even better, Newcastle bucks day idea. Is to have a “friendly” little competition with your mates to see who can catch the most impressive fish. A few early morning beers will also help make this a fun time!

Party Bus Day Time Pub Crawl (With Strippers)

Do a day time pub crawl in style on the kick ass, Party Bus! The idea of the Party Bus is right up there with some of the stuff that Einstein came up with if ask me. You will be taken to some of, Newcastle’s best bars on this pimped out Party Bus. Now the bars are amazing, they really are, but on board there is music, nice seats, a stripper pole and they want you guys to bring booze on board. And best of all, you can even hire a stripper to come and strip while you are driving from bar to bar! You know you are having one hell of an amazing, Newcastle bucks weekend when you are on a bus, drinking while a sexy lady takes her clothes off!

Lake Macquarie Boat Cruise

A nice little trip around Lake Macquarie on your own chartered boat is a lovely, relaxing time…… screw that this is a bucks party and I know that you guys want to go crazy! Well your boat cruise will be a hell of a lot of fun, but you can make it even more fun by making sure you have more booze on board that can be found in most bars! And if you want to spice things up even more then hire a sext stripper to come on board and put on a naughty strip show……. What happens on the lake stays on the lake! Alternatively hire some bikini waitresses.

Go Karting

If you love F1 racing and video games then a few hours go kart racing is one of the best damn, Newcastle bucks day ideas you can do! Show your mates that you are the best driver of your group by driving fast down the straights, taking the corners like a boss and just showing that you know how to handle a car…. Well a go kart, but you know what I mean. This adds a little bit of competitiveness to your bucks weekend so make sure you have some kind of prize for the winner and some kind of humiliating forfeit for the guy who comes in last.

The Best Newcastle Bucks Night Ideas

Party in style with these awesome, Newcastle bucks night ideas!

Casino Night

You bet your ass I like to gamble! Especially with this option being for play money – it is ideal. Have you got a house or function room organised we can come to you and get it all set up. A casino or poker night will allow you to have a few drinks, eat some nice food and in general have a great time. Add a couple of topless waitresses to the mix or a stripper for later on and you are set for a great time. A number of great bucks party packages incorporates casino tables and function rooms.

Female Stripper

No good mate goes on a bucks night without making sure that at least one member of the group has booked a smoking hot female stripper to come and show the groom one last pair of boobs before he gets married. You have a great choice of ladies to come and entertain you and it is up to you blokes where the strip show happens! You can have it in your hotel, bar or like we said before on the Party Bus or on a boat!

The Top Three Newcastle Restaurants

Make sure you boys are well fed during your bucks night at these top, Newcastle restaurants.

New Burger Co

I like my burgers so big that it really does take two hands to hold the damn thing! Well for amazing burgers in Newcastle, you guys simply must go to, New Burger Co, who have a great selection of burgers ranging from ones with just so much stuff in them that they weigh about seven pounds to more boring ones that are just a burger and a bun.

Adams Ribs & Pizza

Now here is a proper blokes place to eat. Any restaurant that has, ribs and pizza in the name is going to be perfect for your, Newcastle bucks weekend. Adams Ribs & Pizza as I am sure you have figured out, specialise in ribs and pizza. And let me tell you the pizzas here are pretty damn spectacular.

Star Buffet Mayfield

Look I know that you need a lot of energy for a Newcastle bucks weekend and that is why lastly I have for you a tremendous, all you can eat restaurant! Star Buffet Mayfield has a great selection of food for you blokes and also as it is all you can eat. If you do have a few fussy eaters in your group they can pick and choose what they want and not piss and moan about there being nothing for them.

The Top Three Newcastle Bars

Newcastle is home to some pretty amazing bars that will make sure you guys get well and truly hammered during your bucks night!

The Dockyard

To start things off I have for you, The Dockyard. This is a really cool bar that is always changing the booze they offer which is awesome! The Dockyard is the kind of bar you come to, to start your Newcastle bucks night with a few nice beers and to make sure you boys are all in the right frame of mind before your bucks night starts to get crazy! A few good beers, some jokes, piss taking and a few more beers make this a great starting point.

The Rum Bar

The Rum Bar is located in the Honeysuckle Hotel and it is a very popular place in Newcastle for a few drinks. This is a bar that offers more than just “beer” this is all about rum, vodka and other specialty drinks as well. So if you do want to take a little break from the beer and larger, then the drinks selection here is great and the atmosphere in the bar is great!

The Burwood Inn

Now this is pretty cool because, The Burwood Inn actually has two bars in it! One is a lounge bar that is a bit more laid back and for you blokes who want a quiet drink. And the other is a little bit more “in your face” with it having a reputation as something of a sports bar. So if you want to watch the footie or cricket while you pound down the beers then The Burwood Inn is for you.

The Top Three Newcastle Clubs

All great, Newcastle bucks nights end at one of the city’s most awesome clubs! Well here are the three best and most popular clubs, Newcastle has to offer.

The Argyle House

The Argyle House is a really funky nightclub. Two things in particular make this a fantastic, Newcastle bucks weekend idea. First of all the club is awesome and they love to have all these fun and exciting theme nights. And secondly, The Argyle House is very popular with the ladies, so there will be plenty of local Newcastle woman dancing…… wearing very little clothes. So the single guys in your group may be in luck!

The Rock Club

As part of the King Street Hotel, The Rock Club is the club to go to if you have some metal heads in your bucks group who love to do a bit of head banging. This is just a rally kick ass club that has had quite a lot of money spent on it. No matter if you want to listen to some 80’s hair metal or maybe something a little more modern, The Rock Club will make sure that your bucks night is full of awesome music……… and none of the dance crap I am sure you hate.

Number 5 Strip Club

Oh yeah now this is what a Newcastle bucks night is all about. The Number 5 Strip Club is the place you guys want to go! I swear no matter where you look in here there is some sexy woman with next to no clothes on! The pole dancing shows that they do here are just freaking amazing! The moves these ladies do will make your head spin! And give you some ideas for things to get your other half to try when you get home.

What Do Tourists Love To Do In Newcastle?

Tourism in Newcastle if you ask me is all about the outdoors! The beaches here are just incredible and would make for a great place to chill out for a few hours during your, Newcastle bucks weekend. The two that I love are first of all, Port Stephens which reminds me of the island from the TV show Lost! And another awesome place to relax for an hour or two (with a cooler of beer of course) is Stockton Beach. Both of these places would make for a great place to go during your, Newcastle bucks weekend.

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