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Why You Should Go To Hobart For Your Hen Weekend!

Tasmania is a magical place that has staged more than a few amazing hen weekends over the years, especially in Hobart. You ladies will just fall in love with Hobart. With its fun selection of things to get up to during the day and the wild and crazy party scene that goes on at night. A Hobart hens party is really going to be one heck of a fun time for you all.

How To Get To Hobart

Well if you live in Tasmania I am sure you will get there most likely by car or bus. But even if you are coming from, Australia, making your way to Hobart is not that hard as you can fly which is the easiest and most convenient or you can hop on a boat and take a nice relaxing (but pretty damn long) boat ride.

The Best Hobart Hen Day Ideas

Hobart has plenty of fun hen do activities that will keep you ladies entertained during the day. Here are the three most popular ones!

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing classes are a huge hit with ladies on a fun filled hens party and here in Hobart it is no different. You will learn all kinds of sexy new dance moves and if you have some sexy moves of your own then do not be shy to put them into your routine. Many people are amazed at just what a great laugh this is and I am sure that you ladies will all be cracking up and having a great time here! So get dressed up, get your sexy on and shake what you have got!

Wine Crawl

Tasmania is actually home to some really lovely and picturesque wineries and what better way to see a different side of Hobart than on a wine crawl! And of course as amazing and nice as the scenery is, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to try out some amazing local wine! This is a lot of fun and a good, cheeky way to sneak in some drinking with a little bit of tourism. And of course if you are a wine lover, you will get the chance to try wine here that you will not see anywhere else!

On our wine tours a private bus will take you around, no boring tour guide – simply drink wine with the girls and listen to music while travelling around in style.

Life Drawing Class

Prepare to get a fit of the giggles as you try your best to capture the male models “good side” in this funny as hell, life drawing class. This is the kind of thing where it really does not matter if you are some kind of art goddess or the person everyone dreaded getting on their team in Pictionary! This is all about doing something with your friends and having a good laugh in doing so. Plus you get to check out a naked bloke which is always a nice bonus and a good excuse at a hens party.

The Best Hobart Hen Night Ideas

Your Hobart hens night will be a great and fun time, especially with one of these awesome, Hobart hen night ideas.

Boat Cruise

Go on a nice 2 to 3 hour boat adventure on the high seas as part of your hens night! This boar cruise is a great time and a perfect activity for your Hobart hen night! You can bring your own wine and cocktails on board - as your arms can carry, there will be some great music playing and in general this is just a really fun and crazy way to party! If you are looking for something extra special and something that will get you in the mood to hit the clubs later in the night then a crazy party on a boat cruise is for you ladies in Hobart.

Male Stripper

Give the bride to be one heck of a sex thrill by booking a sexy male stripper to come and perform an erotic and just smoking hot strip show for her…… and the rest of your of course. When it comes to classic, hen night activities the male stripper is at the top of the list. This will be a good looking, well-built guy who comes to a location of your choice to bring a little bit of sexiness to your hen night in Hobart!

Function Room Hire

Having your own private party is something that many hens groups want to do. And hey I can totally see why. You can keep to your selves, get as rowdy as you want, have some nice food and if you book one of the larger function rooms, you ladies can even play a few crazy hen party games or even hire a male stripper. Booking your own private function room is a sure fire way to make sure your hen night goes the exact way you want it to…….. and you will have no strange people trying to crash your party either.

The Top 3 Hobart Restaurants

For a nice meal during your Hobart hens party, you are really spoilt for choice. Well to make choosing where to eat a little easier here are the top 3 places.

Ball & Chain Grill

The Ball & Chain Grill offer some amazing food (locally produced I might add!) things like their amazing steak and potatoes will really make sure you are full up! It’s a very nice and outdoorsy type of restaurant that is just a really cool place to have a big meal.

Maldini Café Restaurant

Located on the water front, Maldini Café Restaurant is a great place for a nice lunch during your Hobart hen weekend. You get a really nice and friendly vibe when you are eating here and for the most part their menu while being very tasty is full of a number of different healthy eating options as well. This is a place where there is something on the menu for everyone so it is ideal for hen groups with a few fussy eaters!

Da Angelo

Da Angelo is a very popular Italian in Hobart. While they do have a number of different dishes here the main reason this is a place you should want to go to is pizza! Da Angelo make some of the tastiest Italian style pizzas I have ever eaten and let’s face it pizza is a food that pretty much everyone loves, so there should be no complaining from any members of your hen party here!

The Top 3 Hobart Bars

Have a few cocktails, glasses of wine or even a nice cold beer during your Hobart hen night at one of these bars!

Montgomery’s Hotel

First up I have for you, Montgomery’s Hotel which is just a really fun type of bar. They have a pool table, big TV screens and play all the latest hits. But the main reason you girls want to come here is that every weekend they have a karaoke night! No Hobart hen night is complete without you murdering a few songs! This is a great “warm up” bar that will get you ready for the fun that lays ahead!

The Ivory Lounge

Here I have a more laid back and quiet type of bar. This is for you ladies who love your cocktails as The Ivory Lounge really do specialise in making tasty and exotic cocktails. This is a bar where you can have some nice drinks and actually be able to hear each other speak! So while you would not spend all night here. The relaxed atmosphere and their phenomenal cocktail menu makes this a bar you need to hit for at least a few drinks!

The Duke

The Duke is a really fun, old school type of bar where you can come in for a few fun drinks, eat some nice food and have a lot of laughs. There is just such a great atmosphere here that what starts as an intended one or two drinks before you move on type of thing, ends up as a full on drinking session!

The Top 3 Hobart Nightclubs

When coming up with hen night ideas, what club you end the night at is something everyone thinks about. Well here are the best three clubs that Hobart has to offer!


This is one of the most loved nightclubs in Hobart! Halo is a club where every night is going to be a wild one! With a variety of different and fun theme nights, live DJ’s and even a few live bands as well. Halo is the type of club where there is always some kind of action going on! Many Hobart hen do’s will end up here at some point!


If you want to have a crazy and fun night then, Syrup is one of the wildest nightclubs in Hobart. Now what makes Syrup a great venue to party in is that they play not just all the modern club tunes, but the love to play some old classics and even a bit of cheesy pop in there as well. Add to this it has a really funky and interesting decor, Syrup is a club that is just tailor made for a hen night.

Flamingos Dance Bar

It may be a gay bar, but they love hen groups here. You ladies are in for one heck of a fun time at, Flamingos Dance Bar! Every night here is a wild party and the dancing, drinking and yelling never stops. If you want to party so much that your feet hurt the next day then I can assure you that this is a club where you will never stop dancing….. unless it is to get another cocktail!

The Touristy Side Of Hobart

If you want to take things a little slower for an hour or two during your Hobart hen weekend perhaps on the Sunday then there are a number of fun and interesting, tourist attractions for you. If we have some art lovers in the house then the MONA art gallery is a must. World famous art and set in a beautiful location near Hobart. Ferries can take you there unless you want to drive. If you ladies love nice walks and picturesque scenery then a trip to the amazing, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is something am sure you will enjoy. Of if you want something a little more fun then, The Zoo Doo Wildlife Park has a number of interesting and interactive attractions that would make for a fun little, extra hen day activity.

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