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Sorrento, in Victoria Melbourne, isn't the most well known of places. In fact, it isn't even the most searched for place in its name category. That honor belongs to the small Italian village of Sorrento in Naples.
What it is though, is a charming town, with a combination of historic architecture and modern living that would rival places ten times its size.
Sorrento isn't in-your-face. And it isn't a mecca for tourists in the way that Melbourne is. However, just a few hours walking around the museum's, cottages and historic sites found around the town will leave its mark on you.

Getting there

Getting to Melbourne is easy enough from anywhere, but reaching Sorrento takes a little extra effort. Part of its charm is in it's out of the way location. Finding somewhere free from hoards of clueless tourists requires going off the beaten track, and while you're in no danger of running into a big bad wolf on your journey to paradise, you'll need to bring extra money for travel.
Once in Melbourne, a car journey along the coast will see you arrive in Sorrento, though public transport is available.
The metropolitan train service which runs every 10-15 minutes is the best option for those with no wheels. Southern Cross Station to Frankston is a pleasant journey, though you will have to connect through Hastings to Stony Point.

Sports and Activities

Being the upper-class area that it is, Sorrento isn't exactly known for its love of 'footy.' Dirt encrusted scoundrels who love nothing more than running into each other in the name of entertainment are few and far between here, though the town does have a team in the lower leagues.
Golf is Sorrento's go-to sport, which is handy, as golf clubs are around in abundance.
Sorrento is known for its culture and fine living more than anything else, with dining being one of its most reputable trades. Visitor's can expect to indulge in fine cuisine while overlooking bottlenose dolphins playing in the ocean below. The Three Palms and the Loquat restaurant are two of the area's most enjoyable eateries, though budget they most certainly are not!
If food isn't your thing, why not try getting your daily dose of culture elsewhere? The Manyung Gallery, a Searoad Ferry trip along the coastline or Polperro Dolphin swimming all await your participation.

Eating, drinking and more drinking

Often times an area is judged by visitors on the quality of its social life alone. Serrento does everything on a much smaller scale to elsewhere, meaning instead of a rampant nightlife, you're more likely to experience a nice glass of wine at sunset.

After eating at the Loquat, Three Palms or Fish Fetish (other restaurants are available, but on your head be them!), you may fancy a drink. You'd be best placed to stay in your restaurant and order another bottle of something tasty, seeing as bar opening times here vary.
If drinking is your sole ambition, which, let's be honest, why wouldn't it be when you're on vacation, Morgan's bar and restaurant can be a handy place to get a good meal and a topped up glass.
The Coast bar and restaurant often has a nice ambience too, but again is on the quaint side, rather than the rocking one.

When to visit

Atmosphere in Sorrento picks up during peak seasons, when more people visit the area and spend their hard earned Aussie dollars. So that's something worth keeping in mind before planning a trip. During the winter time, Sorrento becomes a quiet seaside town, perfect for a quick pint while doing some work, or just relaxing in general.


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