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Organising a hens party?

Have you been giving the task of organising your best friends hens party? Unsure where to start, what to do and it all seems a bit overwhelming?

Firstly you have come to the right place. Gobananas has been organising hens parties for over 6 years and helped out 1000s of bridesmaids in similar situation as yourself. 

So what type of hens party do you want for your friend and what would she like to do? We  find that if you focus on what the bride likes and  look at her personality, it is pretty simple and straight forward to narrow down which activities to book and how the day /weekend is supposed to be planned.

You can’t make everyone in the group happy, but if you please the bride, you are pleasing the most important person!

 We do think there are two types:

  1. Show us action and as many mens bottoms as possible
  2. Girls relaxing/fun weekend with no men perving over you.

THE active hens party!

This type of hens party is for all those ladies out there who are into trying new activities and maybe seeing new things. So if you've always fancied giving activities like pole dancing lessons, nude art class, white water rafting a go or having a half naked topless male waiter serve you champagne, then we say you fall into this category. Night time you would be looking at party buses, night club tours, cabaret or male revue shows – anything that is fun, loud and a bit wild!

We can arrange almost any type of activity, day or night. If you can't think of any or just embarrassed to ask for it, then we will quite happily suggest some activities for you. We know what works well together and compliments each other. Don't worry if mothers and grandmothers are going on the hens night as they tend to be the ones you have to hold back!!! (trust us!!)


This style of hens parties is for girls who want a relaxing day out or weekend and catch up with old friends. We would suggest more relaxing activities like a day at the wineries, mobile spa treatments, learn how to make cocktails, and for the evening a nice boat cruise, dinner or comedy club followed by a dance at a top nightclub.


-          A dedicated staff member to look after your party

-          We can book all your activities, accommodation and transfers. .

-          It is nice and easy with us – keeping everything in one place!

-          You only have to pay 1 deposit to Gobananas for us to secure it all

-          Group members can pay their own way

-          We will advise you what to do and also what NOT to do. We have your interest at heart!

-          We will provide you with all the maps and vouchers required

On our website find your location/city and see the options of day & night activities, accommodation and package options. All the information is on their including images and prices. After making yourself familiar with our products & packages, simply fill out the quick enquiry form with your details, or use our party builder tool and start building your own party.

Alternatively if you need some guidance, help or more ideas call the office, where one of our dedicated party planners will help you out and answer any questions you may have.


-          We have organised 1000’s hens parties

-          Gobananas has done all the leg work already

-          We have lots of destinations to choose from.

-          Group payment system so each person can pay their own way

-     Group online management tools for you to manage the party

        You can either book one of our popular packages or we can build an itinerary to suit your budget and requirements, we have 1000+ activities in Australia and products across all major cities and smaller regions as well. We can easily suggest, hold and book them quickly and easy.

Our Promise

GoBananas will match or beat any proposals from other hens party agents, quite often we find competitors will offer something that on the face of it looks cheaper, however when we say city centre hotel then we mean city centre! We try and find activities as close as possible together so your hens group spends as little time as possibly on a bus or even avoid hiring one all together.

Make a Quick Enquiry to GoBananas

If you need some help and want to talk to us or get a quick answer, pop your details in here and we will get back to you ASAP.