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Why Cairns is the place to have a Hens Party 

This is just a really lovely location for a hen party. It is a little bit more “out of the way” that the other major places in Australia, but with that comes a more picturesque, tropical and enchanting hen weekend that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Both the day and the night will be a lot of fun when you have your pre wedding fun here! 

Is It hard To Get Here?

Nah, you ladies will be fine Getting To Cairns as I do not think there is a mode of transport that does not roll through here. Hell I bet you could even get here on horseback if you wanted……. Although I would not recommend it!

The Best Cairns Hens party Ideas

These are the most popular and proven big hits with ladies who come to Cairns for a fun hen party!

Life drawing class in Cairns

Ah now here is just an absolutely bloody perfect hens party idea! A nude art class is something that is very “highbrow” and some might even say “classy” it will be a very “elegant” activity for you ladies to take part in……. Come on who are we kidding? You know the reason you want to do this is so you have an excuse to check out a nude bloke and have a few giggles as you draw his bits! This is just so much fun and at the end of the session when you get to share your drawings with each other there will be even more laughs!

Burlesque Dance Class in cairns

Now here is a way to get your sexy on, get all dressed up and just have a fun time with your best ladies! A burlesque dance class is becoming one of the most asked about Cairns hens party activities. This is something that is meant to be fun and not taken seriously. You ladies will get to learn a sexy dance routine and then at the end of the session you will do your best to put on the routine. Honestly messing up is just as much fun as doing it right! And hey one bonus of this is learning a few “seductive” moves you can use on the dance floor during your hen nigh!

cairns Party Boat cruise

Now a trip on a party boat can be one of two different things. You can enjoy the trip, being on the water and having a few drinks with your friends out in the open air. This is cool and a good time…… or you can go the other way, have a ton of cocktails, dance like a maniac and have a wild time! Honestly no two trips on the party boat are the same and just being with your friends on the sea is a good way to make your Cairns hens party very special. Add some eye candy in form of sexy male waiter or male stripper – go on do both!!

Hen Party Cairns 

Cairns is a great party town and you ladies will certainly have a great variety of places to go and things to see during your night out! Here are a few of the best hen night ideas!

Male Stripper in Cairns

The hen night classic! Look I know what I am talking about and let me tell you, hiring a male stripper is expected on a hen night. If you do not have a sexy, buff guy putting on a sexy and fun strip show for the bride to be then what is the point of a hen night? This is a lot of fun and while he will make sure to give the bride some special attention. The rest of you ladies will also get a damn fine show and have opportunities to take a few “naughty” photos with him after the show!

Party Bus & pubcrawl in cairns

The Party Bus is the best thing for a hen group who are finding it kind of tough to decide what pubs to go to during your, Cairns hen night. The Party Bus will make sure the fun never stops as it takes you to a number of great bars during the evening! The idea is that the fun never needs to stop as the bus has been “pimped” out with cool seats, a sound system and a number of other cool things to make each journey to the next bar as much fun as the bar itself! They will make sure you only go to the best bars in Cairns!

Hens party Function Room Packages 

By booking a private function room for your Cairns hens party, you are ensuring that your hen night is just for you ladies and that the food, drinks and the music are all what you ladies like! This is a great idea and a way to make a night in a bar/club even more special by taking over a part of the place just for yourselves. It does kind of give you a VIP feeling as you know everyone else in the place is jealous they are not in there partying with you! Add some sexy eye candy to the function room package in terms of male waiter or male stripper.

The Best Three Cairns Restaurants

For a nice meal during your hen weekend, you cannot go wrong with any of these places!

Dundee’s Restaurant On The Water

While the food at Dundee’s Restaurant On The Water is very nice. It is the amazing location that makes this a perfect place for a meal. You are so close to the water that if you were any closer you would be wet!

The Waterbar Grill & Steak House

For a very filling meal and in a place that just has a really awesome vibe then you want to go to The Waterbar Grill & Steak House which offers some really huge meals that will make sure you are all nice and full for your hen night! From nice steaks to sea food there is something for everyone here.

Ocher Restaurant

For a nice meal that is a bit of a walk on the “classy” side then you want to go to Ocher Restaurant. Who have been making hen groups happy for over 20 years with their diverse menu, awesome wine list and just a really nice atmosphere.

Top 3 Cairns Bars

For a few nice drinks (or just a ton!) you cannot go wrong with any of these bars! These would all make a great Cairns hen night pit stop!

The B8 Lounge Bar

The B8 Lounge Bar is a really laid back and funky type of bar. This is the type of bar where you ladies would start your hen night. Here you can have a few let’s just say, quiet drinks where you can chat and have a laugh before your night gets out of hand.


As well as having a really cool name, Paddywhacks is a place that I will always recommend to people coming to Cairns for a hen night as well as having a good selection of drinks. Paddywhacks is actually a karaoke bar! There is no better time to pound down the cocktails and sing your hearts out than during a hen night!

Vertigo Cocktail Bar & Lounge

This is actually located in The Reef Hotel Casino, but the Vertigo Cocktail Bar & Lounge is just such a cool………. And I am talking ice cool place to have a few drinks. One thing that makes this a favourite with many hen groups is that they have live music playing here most nights of the week.

The Top 3 Cairns Nightclubs

All the best Cairns hen nights will end up at a nightclub at some point and while there is not the same amount you would find in a huge city, Cairns still has some fantastic clubs for you ladies to party in.

The Woolshed

This is a club that is just all about having one awesome night! The Woolshed have a different theme going on every night of the week! It has a great party atmosphere and is a place that is always jam packed with people looking to have a fun time. The Woolshed is regarded by many as the ultimate party venue is Cairns.

The grand Hotel

While it may close at midnight, The Grand Hotel is still a great place to dance, drink and have a fun Cairns hen night. This is what I like to call a warm up bar! The club you go to have a few wines, practice some dance moves, watch the sometimes strange crowd, have a bit of fun and then head to one of the larger clubs.

Gilligans Club

Gilligans Club is one hell of a fun nightclub. It has the feel of a big city nightclub and that is what draws so many people here. Many top DJ’s have played sets here so if you are into dance music then this is the club for you. Fair priced drinks, good music and a great party atmosphere! What more could a group of fun loving ladies want!

Doing The “Tourist” Thing In Cairns

This is a very nature centric type of place and that is reflected in its popular tourist locations. If you do want to do some sightseeing during your Cairns hen weekend then I recommend you go to some of the wildlife places.The Cairns Tropical Zoo is home to all kinds of cute animals……… and some truly horrific looking ones as well! Another interesting place is The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary which has the best collection of butterfly’s in Australia! 

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