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Looking for Xmas party ideas, or some great team building activities in Australia and your city – check out Gobananas listing of great Christmas functions, team building activities and other fun things to do for your Xmas do. Gobananas caters for all work do activities in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin. We do the work – you have the fun!

The coordination of efficient and superior corporate functions paves the way for organisations wishing to establish a working environment that includes high team morale and engaged employees. The corporate function team at GoBananas is prepared to work with you to identify your aims and from there tailor an event that will compliment your goals for how you envision your workplace culture.

The variety of ways in which staff can come together include work Christmas parties, specific team building events, corporate functions in which key clients are invited, as well as general work dos where staff have fun together outside of their normal workplace environment.

GoBananas can arrange anything from entire day packages filled with team building exercises to exciting and motivating staff Christmas parties. Not only are we experts in what is on offer across Australasia for special work functions and corporate team building, we also constantly research and collaborate with European colleagues to keep up with what is at the forefront internationally in staff team building to enhance your business.


The importance of teambuilding has been well established by industrial and organisational psychologists. The value that it provides to any business includes boosting team morale and enhancing communication between staff members. By placing staff in team building situations, communication barriers will be broken down as they are forced to work together and often skill sets of certain staff members will be highlighted such as leadership skills. Giving your staff the opportunity to show their talents is important to their wellbeing and sense of appreciation as well as adding to the value of your business. Team building exercises can be as subtle as a corporate day out or as outrageous as day long competitions. It’s important to tailor it to your workplace culture and we would be happy to give guidance as to what is appropriate and doable for your staff.


Often sales people can feel that they’re working alone and competing with their colleagues to gain the highest targets. While competition is good, it’s always important for your team to remember that they’re on the same side and that a cohesive unit is often far more effective than a sole individual. For example, top sales people should be mentoring and sharing information with their colleagues so success is across the board. Ask us about team building events that are specifically orientated toward bringing together your sales team and building trust and unity.


A planned event for your staff works as a reward and the importance of this to boosting staff morale should never be underestimated. This is a way for you to say thank you to hard working staff by creating an enjoyable corporate day out or office Christmas party for them. In turn, this works to make them feel valued and will boost production levels. These events also provide opportunities for everyone to communicate away from the normal stresses of the workplace environment. Choose wisely about what would suit the culture of your workplace. For some, abseiling down a cliff face is fun while for others a gorgeous and relaxing boat cruise is all they want. We will work with you to make this a valuable and fun experience for all involved.

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