Activities & Activity Ideas in Penrith Australia

Situated in the surburban area of Greater Western Sydney, and approximately 50 kilometers towards the west of Sydney's central business district sits the marvellous and tranquil town of Penrith. Being a town that's surrounded by well-maintained national parks and untouched bushlands, it's no wonder the Penrith makes for such an attractive family getaway. Its lively display of art in galleries and museums makes for an excellent change of pace from the busy city streets, allowing its visitors to appreciate the simpler things in life. The balanced mixture of rural and urban lifestyle creates an active and harmonious atmosphere.

Getting to Penrith

The 50 kilometer distance from the business district of Sydney requires a 50-minute drive at the most. Simply following the detailed number of signs pointing in its direction will lead you to Penrith. However, if your children are far too prone to car sickness to embark on a 50-minute long journey, that's perfectly understandable. Your other option is to hop on a train from the Sydney Terminal, which requires the same amount of time of 50 minutes.


Penrith is filled with interesting activities for family vacations and even a short trip with friends. One of its main natural attractions is the Bents Basin State Conservation Area, a national park where you can participate in various water-based sports and activities, or if you wish to indulge yourself in a serene environment. Swimming and fishing are some of the more popular things to do at Bents Basin State Conservation Area. On top of that, other natural environments that Penrith offers includes the Great River Walk Penrith and Greater Blue Mountains Drive.

The activities available at Penrith are limitless and caters to all types of personalities. If nature isn't your thing, you can choose to explore the numerous art galleries available and try out the amazing food that the city has to offer. The Penrith Regional Gallery and Lewers Bequest is just one of the gallery sites worth recommending. Additionally, you have the Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre to educate yourself and your kids about the history of the Darug people. Penrith even has a museum that caters to more exciting things, like the Museum of Fire.

The shopping at Penrith involves several markets, the Penrith Showground Markets being one of the largest. It features over 250 shops that sells anything and everything.

It's important not to be fooled by Penrith's seemingly suburban setting, it offers an equal level of exciting activities as well. For the sports lovers, head down to the Penrith Whitewater Stadium, a location that's dedicated to canoeing and kayaking events. If you label yourself better as a thrill-seeker, Penrith has the solution to keeping your adrenaline pumping as well. Tandem Jackets offers you a water-pressure powered jetpack flight that will have you blasting through the waters of Penrith.

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