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Hobart Party Daytime Activities
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Hobart's location and general information

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, a very big island which is part of Australia and yet very different from the mainland. Tasmania, famous for its endangered Tasmanian Devil, is a very diverse island and Hobart is the starting point for many people who wish to explore this fascinating area. Hobart is the perfect gateway for nature lovers who would like to discover stunning natural wonders, for families who would like to experience a fun holiday, for culture lovers, and for all other holiday makers no matter how active or lazy they would like to be.

How to get there

By air: Hobart has an international airport which can easily be reached from many destinations around the world, or from the Australian mainland. Buses, taxis, and rental cars are amongst your options to go from the airport to the city center.
By bus: Buses drive to and from other towns in Tasmania – check timetables online for up to date information.
By train: Check train timetables online for a variety of links to other towns in Tasmania and ferries to the mainland.
By ship: A variety of ferries and cruise ships offer cruises and ferry rides to Tasmania, and/or cruises around the coastline of Tasmania.

Best times of the year to visit

Hobart is a place you can visit all year around as there is a lot to see during each season. The winters are reasonably mild compared to other countries, and the summers can get hot, but not as hot as other parts of Australia. If you are interested in watching wildlife, then you might want to plan your visit after checking out the wildlife events calendar.

Most popular activities in the area

Hobart is very popular with wildlife and nature lovers, as there is a variety of wildlife to watch all year around, and many interesting hiking tracks are easily accessible (either on your own or on a guided tour with a local ranger).
Hobart is also a fantastic base to explore some of the historic sites, historic villages and local museums in the area. Tasmania, like the rest of Australia, has a past that is filled with brutality (as a convict colony), marine adventures, development in mining and other industries, and of course also filled with the conflict between the colonist and the indigenous people.


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