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hens party Newcastle - why it is a great location

When it comes to cool places in New South Wales, you really do not get much cooler than the great city of Newcastle. Newcastle just ticks all the boxes of what makes a great hen city location. Offering a fun list of things to do during the day and a wild nightlife as well!

Is It Hard To Get To Newcastle?

The fact that getting to Newcastle is so easy is another great reason as to why this is such a great hen weekend location. With two major roads going into the city, you will not have any trouble getting here via car. Or of course if you want a more relaxed way to get here then you can use the train, go by coach or fly here.

hens party Newcastle - The Most Ideas

Your hen day in Newcastle will be amazing with these great activities that have all proven to be very popular with hen groups.

Burlesque Dancing

First of all for you sexy ladies I have an activity that is a little bit on the naughty side and that is a fun, Burlesque dancing class. This will see you get all dolled up in some amazing clothes and learn a very sexy and erotic dance number. This is a just an all-round amazing time and messing around, falling over and laughing at each other is a huge part of the fun. If it is something that is both sexy and silly you are looking to do then this is just perfect! Why not go home and show your lucky man your new moves.

Treasure Hunt

Now here is a great way to see a different side of Newcastle and do something that is a little bit crazy as well. A Treasure Hunt during your Newcastle hen day will see you need to solve some tricky riddles. Get your head around some fiendish puzzles and see you need to be on your best A game so that you can beat your friends to the end of the treasure hunt! No matter if you are working as a big team or making this a competitive thing, a treasure hunt is a lot of fun. You need to take photos as evidence so there will be plenty of reminders for the rest of the day.


Paintballing may by some people (not too smart people I might add) be seen as a “mans” things do, they obviously do not understand that us ladies like to blow off some steam and kick a little arse from time to time. This is such a good time and sneaking up on a friend and shooting her in the butt is one of the best joys you can have in life! With fun game scenarios to play out, the latest paintballing guns and safety equipment you’re set to have a blast. Your day of paintball is going to be a major highlight of your Newcastle hen weekend.

The Most Fun Newcastle Hen Night Ideas

Make certain that your Newcastle hen night is one to remember with these amazing, Newcastle hen night ideas!

Boat Cruise On Lake Macquarie

Ah the gorgeous, Lake Macquarie what better way to appreciate it than by hiring your very own party vessel! Going on a boat cruise around this amazing part of Newcastle is a great way to take in the early evening. What will make your boat cruise even better though is by making sure there is plenty of booze, food and some amazing music on board as well. Be sure to bring your phone as this is one, Newcastle hen night activity that will be full of great (and probably embarrassing when you are sober) selfie opportunities.

Party Bus Pub Crawl

The Party Bus is the stuff of legends and it is perfect for you girls who want to make sure that your hens night will not see you go into any dive bars by mistake. You will be taken around a few of the best bars in Newcastle on the pimped out, bad arse Party Bus. The party never stops on board as you can keep the drinks flowing, the music going and best of all there is no need to walk in your smoking hot high heels (we all know pain is beauty)! This is an all in one hens night activity that will make sure you only go to the best places that Newcastle has to offer. One very cool thing about this party bus is that you can have a male stripper jump on board and do a show for you all right there (you’d be amazed at what they can do in certain spaces).

Private Function Room Hire

One very popular Newcastle hen night idea is ladies booking their own, private function room. What makes this a great idea is that the party is then just you girls, you are free to do and behave as wild as you want! More often than not the ladies are not keen to host a party at their house so this is a great alternative as you can still play games, laugh the night away and dance to your hearts content in your own space. Our function room packages come with a little extra in the form of a male entertainer who pops in to make sure you’re all really enjoying yourself, if you know what I am saying! In all if you want to make sure your hen night goes the way that you ladies would like, booking your own room to party in is the way to make it happen.

The Best Restaurants In Newcastle

Make sure that any meals you have during your Newcastle hen weekend are great by going to these amazing places.

Scratchley’s On The Wharf

If Scratchley’s On The Wharf was any closer to the water then you would be swimming with the food you are about to eat! This is one of the very best sea food restaurants in the whole of New South Wales. Boasting incredible food at very reasonable prices, Scratchley’s On The Wharf is made even better by having just such a great and friendly atmosphere to dine in.

Silo Restaurant & Lounge

Offering a very chilled out, Al Fresco type of dining experience. Silo Lounge & Restaurant is the type of place to go for a meal if you ladies want something a little bit more classy and special during your Newcastle hen weekend. They also offer some of the best damn cocktails you will ever have the pleasure of tasting here.

Larnna Thai

The amazing, Larnna Thai is located just a stone’s throw away from the water and is very close to some of Newcastle’s best bars! Offering a great mix of Thai food that is so spicy, eating it could possible send you back in time and food that is more mild for the…… let’s just say fussy eaters in your hen party. Larnna Thai is a place to eat that will be suitable for everyone.

The Best Bars In Newcastle

Just picking three of the top bars in Newcastle is going to be hard, but I am sure you ladies will have a great time at all of these places.

The Rum Bar

I have picked the Rum Bar because this is a place that is more of a “sophisticated” type of place to have a few drinks. They specialise in things like wines, rum, vodka and cocktails. So if you want to go to a place that is all about having some nice and tasty drinks in a more laid back environment then this is where you need to be.


A bowling alley…….. really???? Well yes, but hear me out. Strike may be well known for being a bowling alley, but they also have private karaoke rooms, a fully stocked bar and a ton of other things for you ladies to play with. If you want to go to a place where you can drink and have a fun time then this is it. I know it is a little “out of the box” but it really is perfect for a group of fun loving ladies on a wild hen night.

Hotel Delany

Do not let the Hotel in its name put you off. Hotel Delany is a fantastic pub that offers an incredible pub atmosphere. As well as having an incredible bar with all your favourite drinks stocked, Hotel Delaney also regularly have live bands playing here. So be sure to see if there is a gig on during your Newcastle hen weekend here.

The Best Nightclubs In Newcastle

Here I have for you the two very best, Newcastle nightclubs to make sure that your hen night is amazing even into the early hours of the morning.

King Street

King Street is a really amazing place and coming here is one of the best, Newcastle hen night ideas that you can have! First of all the actual place is amazing, It has plenty of space to get on the floor and show off your amazing dance moves. But there are also more than a few areas for you girls to relax with a nice cocktail and check out the sexy, Newcastle blokes!

Argyle House

When you are talking about just amazing and cool places to go for your Newcastle hen weekend. You really do not get much cooler than the Argyle House. The thing that really sets this club apart from all the rest is that most nights of the week they have some kind of crazy theme night going on. Be it a retro one, toga party or whatever! They are always making sure people have a great time when they come here!

What The Tourists Love About Newcastle!

If you girls want to do as the tourists do during your Newcastle hen weekend then I have a few fun suggestions for you ladies. First of all if you want to catch some sun, maybe have a picnic or just relax then a couple of hours on the gorgeous, Stockton Beach is a great idea. Another popular tourist destination is the amazing, Civic Theatre which is a glorious old timey style theatre that has been modernised, but without losing its old school charm. If you want to see a live show as part of your Newcastle hen weekend then this is where you need to come. 

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