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So Why Come To Hobart?

Well its awesome………. But I guess you blokes want a little bit more than that. As the capitol of Tasmania, Hobart manages to have a pretty wild night life with some great pubs and clubs, but at the same time they also have a ton of cool things that you can do during the day of your bucks party. So keep on reading to see some of the cool things you can get up to during a Hobart bucks weekend.

Is It Hard To Get To Hobart?

Getting to Hobart is not going to cause you blokes any major headaches. I mean unless you are already in Tasmania, you are not going to be able to drive, but you can get a flight her every easily from places like Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Hell if you guys want you can go old school and come here on the open seas! I am not saying you guys try and swim or hire a kayak, but you can get a boat to Hobart.

Awesome Hobart Bucks Day Ideas

Here I have for you fine gents just a few of the amazing things that you can get up to during the daytime during your Hobart stag party!


Is there anything more fun that shooting a mate right in the arse? I do not think there is and that is why a game of skirmish is just perfect for you guys during your bucks weekend. You will be put into teams and then it’s up to you guys to see who will stand and who will fall. If you have ever wanted to feel like a bad ass from a 1980’s action movie then this is how you do it! There are few things in life that are as much fun as watching a mate roll around on the floor after you have shot him in the back!

Brewery Tour

For the Bucks party that is all about relaxation and fun, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. Have a bus pick you up from the city centre and take you and your mates out for the next 5-6 hours. Stop off at a brewery or whiskey distillery and taste one of the tasting platters and if you feel like it take a tour and learn all about how your favourite drink is made. Why not stop off at one of Tassie’s celebrated wineries and sample or purchase at the cellar door.

Claybird shooting

How cool is an activity that you get to shoot real guns and break stuff and not get in trouble. If this sounds a bit like you then you will love Claybird shooting (also known as Clay Target shooting). Compete against your mates and laugh at the bloke who can’t hit a thing, it will give you lots to talk about and give each other stick about for the rest of the Bucks night.

A Round Of Golf

Lastly I have for you something of a more chilled out and relaxing bucks day idea and that is Golf. Even for you guys who just freaking suck at golf this is a fun day out. It’s not too strenuous and it’s also pretty damn competitive. If you ask me a huge part of the fun here is putting a few beers on the line! This is a really nice course that the more “pro” (and I use that term very loosely by the way) golfers in your group will fall in love with. And as for the non or not too good golfers……….. well they will still have a great time hitting the little ball with a nice shiny stick!

Some Cool Hobart Bucks Night Ideas

Here is a little taste of some of the awesome things you can get up to during the evening in Hobart!

Female Stripper

I think that on a bucks night that, you guys simply must make sure the groom gets to see a nice pair of different boobs in is face before he ties the knot. Well by hiring a smoking hot, female stripper you will be doing just that. Have a private party and watch her do her thing as she will give the groom a show he will never forget. In my experience he will either get right into it or be embarrassed really bad……… both of these are great for the rest of you guys who are watching!

VIP Entry To Halo Nightclub

As one of the most popular bucks night destinations, Halo Nightclub is a place where the party is always jumping. If you want to experience that big night club feeling then there is no better place than right here. Hobart does have some amazing nightclubs, but many will agree that this is the best. Just a regular night here is filled with booze, women and some awesome tunes. But part of the charm of Halo is that they attract some pretty big game DJ’s and they always seem to have some kind of mental theme night going on as well. To make this even sweeter get on the guest list so there is no fighting with some big, monster of a bouncer who has had a whole lot of steroids for breakfast.

Party Boat Cruise

You know what is better than standing at a bar pounding down the beers? Doing it on a freaking, Party Boat! This is awesome and the perfect way to make your bucks night just that little bit more special. Eating and drinking is just way cooler when you do it on a boat……. It’s a scientifically proven fact (well I think it is) Here you guys will get to go on a little tour of the Hobart harbour, enjoy the night and get pretty damn drunk in the process. This is a great way to get in the mood for hitting a club later in the evening!

Top 3 Hobart Restaurants

You want to dine like kings? Then check out the top three Hobart restaurants!

Asian Gourmet On The Pier

For some fine oriental style food in a really kick ass location, literally right on the pier, you cannot beat, Asian Gourmet On The Pier. With a pretty up market menu and classy décor this is a great place for you guys to eat. You can either eat inside or outside it’s up to you guys. One other thing I want to mention is that the staff here were all really friendly and went above and beyond to accommodate our bucks group.

Rockwall Bar & Grill

What I loved about, Rockwall Bar & Grill was how they offered a more laid back style of fine dining. They do have some pretty exotic and fancy items on the menu, but if you boys want your bucks party to be just about beer and burgers then they can take care of you in that way. For a non-pretentious way to eat this is the place you need to go.


Mures is the only place that you need to go in Hobart if you are wanting some damn fine seafood during your bucks weekend! They make the freshest, tastiest sea food that you will ever eat here. Good food, good booze and some very reasonable prices make this a very popular place to eat in Hobart.

Top 3 Hobart Bars

Man narrowing this down to just three is hard as nails, but trust me when I tell you all three of these bars are fantastic and worthy of a bucks night pub crawl!

Irish Murphy’s

Holy crap does writing about this place make me want to go back there!!!! Irish Murphy's is a bar that offers great booze, food, an amazing atmosphere and they even have live bands here all the freaking time. Just go to Irish Murphy’s that is all I have to say!!!

IXL Long Bar

Next up I have what I guess, you could say is a more up market place to get well and truly plastered and that is, the IXL LONG BAR. This is kind of a classy joint so you will probably want to go there at the start of the night before you are all stumbling around like drunken idiots! Hey a few drinks here will at the very least create the illusion that you blokes do have at least a little class.

Republic Bar

While they do have a fully stocked bar the main reason that the Republic Bar has made my list is that they have live music playing here every damn night of the week. Standing at a bar with your favourite drink in hand while a live band plays is always a good time and it will be perfect for your bucks night!

Top 3 Hobart Clubs

Syrup Nightclub

If you go any further South than here then you will be freezing your arse off in the Antarctic! Syrup is just an awesome nightclub. As well as having some great tunes and a few bars inside this is a club where the women just seem to flock to! So for you single blokes, you very well could be in luck here.

The Loft

The Loft is a nightclub for you guys who love to really get wild and have a great club night. With plenty of different DJ’s on the decks. This is a club where you are pretty much guaranteed an awesome night! Many use The Loft as the ending point for their bucks night as it’s hard to top this!


Another one of the most popular nightclubs in Hobart is, Isobar. Offering good music, some well-priced booze and just an all-round amazing night! Isobar is no way going to let you boys down!

Hobarts Touristy Side

Now if you want to do the whole “tourist” thing then there are some pretty amazing sights to see in Hobart. I know that tourism is not the first thing that pops into your mind when planning a Hobart bucks weekend. But there are some really popular tourist spots such as ZooDoo a wildlife park with tigers and all kinds of animals that can eat you. You more “cultured” types might want to go and check out Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallerywhere you can see some fine art (you probably won’t understand) and learn a little bit about the history of this amazing island.

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