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The best team building events and ideas in Adelaide - we do the work, you have the fun!

Need a fun activity to inspire your colleagues and promote productivity. GoBananas are your one stop shop for awesome team building events in Adelaide. 

Aim, Ready, Shoot! Claybird shooting Teambuilding
Team building work party activity to do in Adelaide. Claybird shooting can be done by anyone and is competitive and fun.


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Amazing Race for Team Building Day
An Amazing Race is a great option for a fun team building day in your city.


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Axe Throwing & Lunch McLaren Vale

Day trip to Mclaren Vale. Axe throwing, lunch and


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Fishing enthusiast in Adelaide!
Private fishing charter for your work party do. Great day out with your colleagues and a chance to catch some amazing fish. Max 14 people on board.


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Mini golf & Dinner Package Glenelg
Head to the beach and enjoy some mini-golf and dinner at a nearby restaurant.


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Minute to Win it - Team Building Event
Your next office party is sorted with this fun and interactive activity -


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Olympics for Team Building Fun
A fun activity that will get your staff outside for a couple of hours and working together


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Survivor Fun for Team Building
Survivor is a great option that will keep your staff entertained and get them working together


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Feel like your office has hit a bit of a slump recently and need to give your staff a boost?
A team building event is the perfect opportunity to give your employees that chance to let off some steam and continue to build up work place relationships; making staff feel that they are aprt of the team, helping to inspire loyalty and dedication to overall goals. 

How to start the planning process for your team building day in adelaide

Of course GoBananas are here to actually organise the event you and and do all the hard work, but before we start it definitely helps if you have an idea of the direction you want to go in. As a boss, you need to decide what you need your staff to achieve in order for them to help your company reach it goals. Is it building morale? Comminication? Overcoming office conflict? Once that's decided, then you can move forward with the team building day and have a good idea of the sort of event you need to book. 

what do you need to do before you come to us?

  • Have a rough estimate of the number of people in attendence - when it comes to team building activities, a lot of events might require minmum numbers to go ahead, so its helps if you know your group size early on so we know which options we can look at straight away. 
  • Know your budget - while GoBananas does offer a wide range of activities to suit most budgets, it's definitely a big help if you have an estimate of how much you're allowed to spend. This is especially important for large companies that need things to be approved by and accounts team before going ahead. If we know the limit then we can move along with the planning process more quickly by taking out the options that we know wont be suitable. 
  • Allow plenty of time to get things sorted - last minute bookings are possible, but when it comes to planning a big team building day in Adelaide the more time you have - the better. Especially if you're planning your event around June/July or Xmas time - these are really busy times of the year for staff days out so we recommend you start the planning process at least 2-3 months prior. This way you're more likely to get the activity you want and on the date/time that you want it. 
  • Be willing to be flexible - when it comes to planning a team building event there is nothing to be gained by micro-managing your party rep. The reason you've come to events planning companu is so you don't have to do all the hard work yourseld. Trust your party rep to get it sorted and then you can just sit back, relax and then reap the praise once the day is a major success. 

 top team building events in adelaide

Clay bird shooting

A team building event thats both fun and competitive. Experienced instructors will teach everyone the safety aspects of shooting before letting them loose on the clay disks that are shot into the sky. Why not divide everyone into teams and see who can be the best shot? Ideal for smaller groups and if you don't want an activity that will take all day.


Amazing race

Easily one of the most sought after activities when it comes to staff days out in Adelaide - an amazing rave incorporates everything you'd want to get out of team building event. It covers all aspects of comminication, working as a group, problem solving and of course - team building. Plus it's a great opportunity to get your staff outdoors having a heck of a lot of fun. 

team building

Cooking class

A fun activity that is also educational and delicious. This cooking class focuses on the tastes of India as you learn to make some yummy starters and a main. Perfect for a relaxed team building event that is great for those companies wanting to work on building work place relationships and communication. Plus you get to eat all of your amazing creations - you can't wrong with this one. 

cooking class Adelaide

team building olympics

This one is a great alternative to the Amazing Race if you don't want to make your staff run all over the city. Taking place in a park your staff will be deivided into "Countries" when they will compete in a range of both mental and physical activities. The tasks are all based around conflicts that might arrise in an office situation and how your employees can work together to overcome them. A lot of fun and a great options for an outdoor team building event in Adelaide. 

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